Monday, March 31, 2008

Ah, Opening Day!

Its that time of the year again baseball fans! Opening day! A time where baseball fans are baseball fans, and everyone puts aside petty team preferences for a day and celebrates the return of our favorite sport for another season. I am looking forward to wearing my Robbie Cano jersey while I watch all the games with a nice cold beer and a few good friends.

So for today, I am going to live blog the game, or at least most of it. I'll try to do an update after each inning. To kill the remaining two hours until the first pitch of the 2008 season, try these two articles I came across this morning. Interesting read to gear up for the new season:

Oh, and a happy birthday to Chien-Ming Wang! He turns 28 today. Come on Yanks, lets give him a "W" for his birthday present!

UPDATE 1:33 PM - The game is still in rain delay, so I'm stuck watching the Tigers and the Royals battle it out until the rain lets up in New York. I don't know how much longer I can wait!

UPDATE 2:31 PM - Just got word the game is postponed. Guess we'll try this again tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

in the article of pending pinstripes
it says by the predictions that Giambi is going to win a gold glove. what's up with that? Giambi??? he's going to have to beat out Ryan Garko, Carlos Guillen, Eric Hinske, Aubrey Huff, Casey Kotchman, Justin Morneau, Lyle Overbay and Kevin Youkilis. good luck.

Justin said...

If you read those blogs regularly (which I will assume you don't), you'd know that he was joking. I guess baseball-blog humor isn't always the easiest to pick up on.